About us

Wavenet Limited is a UK based Internet Service Provider Specialising in Business solutions (Layer 2 / Layer 3) to its customers. Major POPs are located in London and Manchester. Most of our traffic is business related with peaks in the working week, daytime (GMT)

Peering policy

Our peering policy is selective. That means that we select our peers on the basis of their performance, capability and where our traffic needs to go.

Our choice of peering partner can have a direct effect on our customers and we understand that this demands very high performance from our peering partners as well as from ourselves to deliver a mutually beneficial outcome for Wavenet and our peering partners in terms of best price/performance for our customers.

There are a few basics (see Peering Requirements) we assume you can agree into.

We do not ask for a written peering contract but if you require we will sign a contract if we agree with the content.

If you would like to peer with us, please contact us via peering@wavenetuk.net and provide us the required information (see below).

Peering requirements

Any Peer must agree into the following conditions:

  • Peer may only send us traffic from their network and their downstreams to us and may not give (partial) transit.
  • Peer may only send us traffic for prefixes we announce. Especially setting default-routes (last resort) towards us is not permitted.
  • Peer must operate a Network Operations Centre (NOC) which can be contacted 24x7x365 by eMail or phone if necessary.
  • Peer must cooperate in case of network abuse. On occurrence of Denial of Service attacks Peer shall implement filters on request.
  • Routes should be aggregated as much as possible. We will not accept any announcement smaller than /24.
  • Routes must be registered at any well-known IRR (e.g. RIPE) using a route object. (We reserve the right to filter routes based on those databases.)
  • Peers should enforce routing integrity by means of filters to their customers.

Required peering information

  • Peering-point(s) (if not clear).
  • Your IP-address (required)
  • Your AS (required)
  • Your AS-set (please tell us if you haven't one)
  • Your recommended prefix limit we should use (if missing we will choose it)
  • MD5-password: not required, but If you would like to use a password, please choose one or ask us to choose it. (if missing, no password will be configured)
  • Your contact-data (email, phone, contact persons; available 24/7)